Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We are swinging emotional pendulums

I have always thought a human mind as an abode of big mysteries and thoughts that once generated can never die.
In fact it is one kind of storage space which keeps on increasing and providing space for new thoughts and still can maintain its performance. Anyways this is not what I wanted to write. I will write on this subject sometime in future.

What makes a human mind a crashing aircraft is one thing - expectation.
This is the rajo gun that Shri Krishna has talked about when He recited all of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita to Arjuna.

We keep expecting from people in every kind of way.
We expect somebody should talk to us all the time but then when we have somebody to talk to we don't have words to talk.(this is another major issue)
We expect somebody must call us,would gift us and feel something for us.
Care for us,love us,be like us,not forget us,keep thinking about us...blah blah blah...

Our focus keep changing from time to time. We keep expecting from different people at different times in different forms. I am not all saying this is any kind of abnormal thing or wrong thing. This is absolutely natural way of behaviour that a human is supposed to live with.

We are like Emotional Pendulums drifting in empty emotional space hitting surfaces from time to time and getting thrown back depending upon the resistance that the surface offered. By resistance I mean the way other people behave with us and respond to our expectations from them.

These emotional pendulums do have a rhythm but not always.... Most of the times they are randomised. This is the fact that is totally contradictory to the way we have been developed by God.(that's another aspect again - related to perfection)

So now the human emotional pendulum keep moving from one person to another, old to new, and swinging again between the old ones ad new ones.

This can be termed as a the Rational Randomised Alternating Expectology of a human being. Rather a new word that seems so absurd to have been coined. But this is a fact we are supposed to live with and are living.

Next time with some new thought....Till then good bye...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

llegal Carve-up of Congo Rainforests

llegal Carve-up of Congo Rainforests

The second largest rainforest in the world, after the Amazon, sits in the Congo basin of Africa, with around half existing in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Around 21 million hectares (over 51 million acres) of DRC's pristine forest are now allocated to the logging industry. We've released new evidence of the extent of this forest crime.
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Source : www.greenpeace.org

3D desktop on ur Win 2000/XP machines

A simple software to run threeD desktop on ur Win 2000/X machines.
Takes less memory.
This software was developed by Japanese Programmers in their native japanes language.
The following version is an english version,thanks to some web digging the guy who found out this. This takes up around 5MB of memory as per.

Download from-

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Source: http://www.Tutorial5.com