Sunday, June 24, 2007

Change is necessary

Two pegs of loneliness, with a tinge of salty dry hair on your head and a tasteless tongue in your mouth, alongwith a spead of wet tearbed bed in your bed room...................




What does it all constitute?




Does it mean anything?




Oh yes....




It means








The time has now come to change your bed as well as your girlfriend....


कुजलेल्या आठवणीं मध्ये जगायचे नाही आता

खूपदा मेलोय परत मरायचे नाही आता,

जीवनाच्या ह्या वळनावर जरी तू साथ देणार असशील,

तरिही तुझी ही साथ नको मला आता


Had to come back

This is a long time late visit by me

Why the heck has blocked by various IT comapnies in India. They think we are slaves or what?

प्रेयसी माझी एम बी बी एस आहे

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eternity of nothingness

I was looking at the eternal bliss of the wonderful sunshine that was getting filtered through the countless eyes of the white n gray clouds in the tenderly caring sky under which I was standing, thinking about the treason the Sun God was doing to whole of the vacuum filled sky to make the earth shine, and at the helm of the eternity which I was looking at, stood the endless heart of the ocean, ready to grip you, grab you, conquer all your senses, live or dead, to make you realise the epitome of success that you have achieved today by living the day to its fullest and thereby making it a point with a proof that one should never lose any kind of hope in it the one of being dead at the very moment..just to experience the certainty of it...