Sunday, June 28, 2009

Digsby - The Best all-in-one Social Media Organizer and Integrator

 image I recently installed DIGSBY on my XP powered machine and completely forgot about it, till today. I got a notification about the recent new release of the software and went ahead to test the various claims that its making.

I was actually surprised and happy to find that the claims were really true and not just blasphemous axioms. Here is all that you can do with it:

  1. Configure GMAIL, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter, GTalk, YTalk, LinkedIn - all in this single client.
  2. See all the feeds real time from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn right on your desktop.
  3. Edit your status on them right from your client.
  4. Set different status for different networks.
  5. See incoming unread mail right there in the client window.
  6. Delete, Archive the mail right from the window.
  7. Send mail right from desktop.
  8. Sweet black theme.
  9. Dockable on right side of your desktop.

The performance is highly satisfactory and I have not encountered any issue since I installed it.

I would say Digsby is THE BEST All-in-one IM Social Media Organiser and Integrator Client available so far

Some of the features that can be incorporated:

  1. Group chat enabling
  2. Mail preview feature/ Mail open feature in a separate window rather than opening the mail box in the browser which it currently does.
  3. Allow comments for facebook feeds right from the window.

P.S.Its beauty lies in the fact that your use of left clicks (and right clicks for the left handers) is reduced tremendously thereby saving your hand and your mouse.

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